Halo Master Chief Collection – Neues Update online

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halo master chief collection

Halo Master Chief Collection – Neues Update online.

343 Industries und Microsoft haben heute das neue Update der Halo Master Chief Collection veröffentlicht. Im Mittelpunkt steht dabei eine Technik, die euch dazu bringen soll ein Match zu Ende zu führen. Solltet ihr Spiele frühzeitig verlassen, wird euer Rank darunter leiden. Verlasst ihr Spiele zu oft werdet ihr vorrübergehend vom Online-Spiel ausgeschlossen.

Weitere Fixes könnt ihr aus dem Patchlog entnehmen.

• Implemented new systems and temporary bans for matchmaking penalties. These include penalties for:

• Quits
• Betrayals
• Idling

Note: Leaving the game before finishing (any time from the start of voting until the game concludes) will result in a loss for your ranking and a penalty to your Xbox One reputation. After this update, if you quit, betray, or idle too many times during a set period of time, you will be temporarily banned from playing matchmaking. If you continue to engage in negative behavior after the temporary ban has lifted, you will continue to receive temporary bans that are subsequently longer in length.

• Players will now receive a quit penalty and rank penalty for quitting any time after matchmaking voting begins in all matchmaking playlists, both ranked and unranked
• Added matchmaking betrayal booting for Halo: Combat Evolved
• Matchmaking voting now randomizes winner in the case of a tie, rather than selecting the left-most option
• Made a variety of improvements to ranking calculation
• Fixed an issue which could result in ranking down after winning a match
• Emblems and clan tags, in addition to gamertags, are now hidden while searching for a match
• Updated Team colors to always appear correctly in Forge mode
• The level of menu music will now drop when other players join a lobby / are connected to other players
• The controller schematic for H1 „Boxer“ now correctly matches the in-game control layout
• Improved Classic/Remastered UI launch settings for Halo: CE and Halo 2 Campaign
• Improved matchmaking messaging to players
• Fixed an issue where lobby player positions could shuffle after a promotion to party leader
• Fixed an issue where players could select and use nameplates that they had not unlocked
• Fixed an issue where profiles could match into a game after the match started
• Made a variety of fixes for players who could become stuck at the “Downloading Latest Data” screen
• Fixed the glitched Who Needs Them? achievement
• Improved a variety of compatibility issues
• Made a variety of stability improvements

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