Patch Notes zum gestrigen Update

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dbe8f0d6-ccbf-4e8e-ba1f-1652b84f566f[1] Update

Nachdem im Verlauf des gestrigen Tages ein Update veröffentlicht wurde, das einige Fehler behebt, liegen uns heute auch die Patch Notes dazu vor. Diese möchten wir euch nicht vorenthalten. Allerdings haben wir diese nur auf engl.:

– A fix to address an issue where some videos would not play in the Comedy Central app.
– A fix to address an issue where videos would not play within the MTV app.
– A fix to address an issue in the Upload app where “Watch all” videos generates an error.
– A fix for an issue where even though your console is in Instant-on mode, it requires a full boot including green Xbox screen.
– A fix to address an issue for users who find their controller will no longer connect via a wireless connection, and only works over USB. If this has occurred to you, after taking this system update, you will be able to connect your controller via a USB cable and wait a few seconds before unplugging it. This will recover your controller and you will be able to connect wirelessly. It is expected that subsequent controller firmware updates will fail. This will be addressed in a later system update.


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