Rainbow Six Siege: Patch 1.20 hat einen Termin

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Rainbow Six Siege: Patch 1.20 hat einen Termin
Rainbow Six Siege hat Licht und Schattenseiten. Dies ging zumindest in einem Gespräch in den Kommentaren auf unserer Seite hervor. Nun gibt es frohe Kunde! Denn der Patch 1.20 hat nun endlich einen festen Termin. So soll der Patch bereits in der nächsten Woche für PS4 und Xbox One erscheinen.



In order to have a clear understanding of where issues originate from and how fast our responses to problems could be we want to highlight the 3 main components that are responsible for delivering the Rainbow Six|Siege experience.

  • Game client (GC): It is your copy of the game that you have installed on your PC or Console (Updating it requires a Title Update).
  • Dedicated game servers (DGS): It’s a dedicated game server running on data centers distributed around the world to guarantee the best experience, this is where your PVP (Casual and Ranked) game is running. Only 10 players connect at a given moment to a given Game Server. Depending on the severity of the fix we can update it seamlessly or with a maintenance.
  • Online Backend (Backend): This is where the bulk of our online services run i.e. (Matchmaking, Ranking … etc), this is a centralized set of servers that all users are connected to, and acts as the backbone for all of our services. It is running on specialized hardware and software like databases. This is the part that gets impacted the most by the load from of users in peak hours. It also can be updated seamlessly or with a maintenance.

High Priority Issues

Issue Name: Error 2-0x00000041

  • Priority: 1
  • Platform impacted: All platforms
  • Error description: The error can be caused by multiple malfunctions of the different networked systems that is between the game client and our servers. One of the causes that was identified is an unexpected behavior caused by some home router and ISP configurations making the error more recurrent. (Impacts GC and DGS)
  • Issue Fix State: In progress
  • Upcoming Fixes & Timing:
    • Extending connection timeout periods to increase the robustness and react better to drops in internet quality of service. (Update 1.2 on PC/Consoles)
    • Being resistant to router changing outgoing port between rounds of gameplay so the connection doesn’t drop. (Update 1.2 on PC, Update 1.3 on Consoles)
    • We will be investigating the other causes/fixes.

Issue Name: Loading Screen „Freeze“ (Smoke Background)

  • Priority: 1
  • Platform impacted: All platforms
  • Error description: The user may remain stuck in an infinite loading screen when joining a session. The issue is mainly caused by waiting for state synchronization between our backend, the servers, and the game client.
  • We have identified two issues that we are working on:
    • Case 1: Players stuck on a loading screen while hearing the game running. The situation resolves itself when the next round starts. (Impacts GC)
    • Case 2: Players join a game that is stuck in a state that can take a very long time to finish. This is caused by communication issues between the backend and the DGS.
  • Issue Fix State: In progress
  • Upcoming Fixes & Timing:
    • We have identified the cause of Case 1 and we have a fix in place for Update 1.2 on PC/Console.
    • We have identified another reproduction cause for Case 2 and it is currently under investigation.

Issue Name: Game Exploit: Defenders Allowed To Go Outside During Prep Phase (Red Wall)

  • Priority: 1
  • Platform impacted: All platforms
  • Error description: When doing specific actions, players can bypass the red wall that is intended to prevent the defenders from going outside during prep phase. (Impacts GC and DGS)
  • Issue Fix State: In progress
  • Upcoming Fixes & Timing: Update 1.3

Issue Name: Extended Matchmaking Connection Time

  • Priority: 1
  • Platform impacted: All platforms
  • Error description: Irregularly long matchmaking queue time for some players. We have found a few cases that would impact some players during peak hours and we are working on fixing them. We are currently gathering more information to isolate the specific cause.
  • Issue Fix State: Under investigation
  • Upcoming Fixes & Timing: TBD

Issue Name: Failed Data Synchronization

  • Priority: 1
  • Platform impacted: All platforms
  • Error description:
    • Users get stuck on synchronizing data at the end of a round.
    • 0 Renown issue: Players do not see the „visual cue“ when awarded with their Renown or, in some cases, do not receive Renown at all.
    • This happens due to an error in the connection between our DGS and our backend. We are trying to isolate the issue and deploy a fix as soon as possible.
  • Issue Fix State: Under investigation
  • Upcoming Fixes & Timing: TBD

Issue Name: Party of 4 Matchmaking

  • Priority: 2
  • Platform impacted: All platforms
  • Error description: Some users are experiencing much longer matchmaking queue times if they try to find a match with a group of 4 players. This is caused by our matchmaking algorithm, and we are working on a fix that will be deployed in our backend.
  • Issue Fix State: In progress
  • Upcoming Fixes & Timing: TBD

Upcoming Patches

Update 1.2

  • Estimated deployment on PC: January 7th
  • Estimated deployment on all Consoles: January 14th
  • Note that already, we can tell that patch 1.2 will not fix all of the top connection issues (full patch note to be released when it goes live on PC), but we are actively working on fixing these issues as soon as possible.

Update 1.3

  • Estimated deployment on PC: Mid-January
  • Estimated deployment on all Consoles: End of January

Update 2.0 (Season 1)

  • February

Online & Multiplayer

[Multiplayer] Ranked Playlist Changes Outlined in Patch Notes: 1.1 [Reported]

  • These changes will be going live with update 1.2 in January.

[Multiplayer] Squad Invite [Resolved]

  • Only the squad leader can invite players to the squad.

[Multiplayer] Missing Lobby Timer [Resolved]

  • No timer is present during the lobby screen.

[Multiplayer] Long Matchmaking Times / Incomplete Teams [Workaround]

  • After playing a match, if you find yourself in an incomplete team that does not fill for more than two minutes, please go back to the main menu and queue again for multiplayer.

[Multiplayer] Error on Creating Squad [Resolved]

  • Some users encounter error 2-0x00000048 when sending a friend request followed by a game invite. If the impacted users exits the squad, cancels the request, and restarts the game, this may solve the issue.

[Multiplayer] Stuck in Loading Screen [Workaround]

  • Players have reported that they get stuck in the pre-match loading screen. If the last player to join in progress leaves the game, this corrects the issue.

[Multiplayer] Squadmates left at menu when joining a match [Workaround]

  • If a squad of 3 or more people joins a game, but a teammate (from that squad) leaves, another player will be found via Join In Progress. When the match is over if you stop the new search to add your friend back to your squad and then search again for a match, your squad will be split. Some member sof the squad will be left in the main menu, and the rest are pulled into the match. This will happen even if new players join the squad.

    Workaround: All affected players that were in that squad must restart the game.

[Multiplayer] Custom Match Invites / No Notification [Workaround]

  • If a user enters a custom match set to invite only with a 5 player squad, and more invites sent out will not display a notification for the recipient.

    Workaround: Enter the Custom Match with a 4 player squad, and invite the rest of the players.

[Multiplayer] Custom Match JIP / Voice Comms [Reported]

  • If an user joins in progress in an outgoing session will notice that he cannot hear the other teammates using headsets although the other players can hear what he is saying.

[Multiplayer] Custom Match / Voice Comms [Workaround]

  • When the owner of a custom game attempts to use the voice chat option set to open to all and joins with another users on the created playlist will notice that this option has no functionality and they cannot hear each other if they are in different teams.

[Multiplayer] Player Sent Back To Menu [Reported]

  • We are investigating.

Connectivity & Installation

[Multiplayer] Connection Problem / 0-0x0000060X [Reported]

  • Connection error. Please follow connection troubleshooting steps for your specific system here.

[Multiplayer] Connection Problem / Ranked Penalty [Intended]

  • An error message is received by the user after trying to rejoin a ranked match while having a penalty for leaving it. After leaving a Ranked match before it ends, you are prevented from joining another Ranked Match for a short duration.

[Multiplayer] Connection Problem / Ranked Penalty / No Prompt [Reported]

  • Some users may not be prompted to reconnect to a PvP Ranked match upon restarting the game client.

[Multiplayer] Connection Problem / Multiplayer Unavailable [Intended]

  • Some users are only able to play situations. This occurs when the game is launched before the download/installation is complete. It will complete in the background, and once that occurs, you will be able to play multiplayer matches.

[Installation] Physical Copy / Uplay Downloads Full Game [Resolved]

  • Users who purchased a physical copy of the game are still being asked to download the complete game by the Uplay client. This is not intended behavior. We are working to correct the issue, but in the mean time we have a workaround for you here.


[Performance] Graphics / AMD [Workaround]

[Performance] NVidia FPS Drops and Inability to Start Game [Resolved]

  • Some users are reporting abnormally low FPS, and an inability to start the game with some NVidia + Windows 10 configurations. We are currently investigating the root cause. In the meantime, some users have reported a positive outcome by setting the CPU clock speed to default in the bios, and restarting their system.

Bugs & Glitches

[Bug/Glitch] Electrocute Hostage [Reported]

  • If an attacker drops the hostage in electrified barbed wire/reinforced walls and dies, the attackers will win.

[Bug/Glitch] Shield Reload [Reported]

  • Shield Operators don’t have their guard break (lower their shield) when reloading.

[Bug/Glitch] Drone Cam Locked / Prep Phase [Reported]

  • Some users are reporting at they cannot switch cameras during the prep phase when their drone gets destroyed.

[Bug/Glitch] Missing Purchase Item [Reported]

  • Some players have reported that they did not receive a purchased weapon skin, or were asked to purchase it again when applying it to their weapon. Please wait a few minutes as there is someteimes a delay in your purchased item being applied to your account. If you do not see it, please contact us at here so that we can collect more information. Additionally, if you purchase a weapon skin from the shop, it will not be automatically applied to that weapon. You will need to go into your weapon attachments menu and manually add the skin to that weapon.

[Bug/Glitch] Loadout Reset [Reported]

  • Upon logging in, some players will see that their Operator loadout and Options settings have been reset. You will not need to repurchase any attachments, you will only need to reapply them to your weapon.

[Bug/Glitch] Glaz Scope [Workaround]

  • Some users report the red dot sight on Glaz’s rifle is hindering their view due to the brightness of the red dot. This occurs due to „bloom“ and „bloom + flare“ lens effect options. To correct this, disable the „lens effect“ option.

[Bug/Glitch] Getting stuck on loading screen with character silhouettes[Workaround]

  • Some users report that they’re getting to the team presentation screen (silhouettes screen) without being able to select an operator. This is currently being investigated and a workaround is available for PC users that encounter this issue can bypass it by pressing ALT + Enter and then escape.

[Bug/Glitch] Push to talk activated but still talking in game [Workaround]

  • We have received reports of the push to talk feature not working as intended on PC. Even though the user has push to talk active, he/she will still be heard in the game, even though no button was pressed. A workaround is available if you switch the voice chat record mode to open, apply the setting, then switch it back to push to talk.

[Bug/Glitch] Drone Falls Through Map [Reported]

  • We are aware that, at times, the drone will fall through the map. We are investigating the cause.

[Bug/Glitch] Stuck After Rappel[Workaround]

  • Players have noticed that they sometimes become stuck on things such as metal railings after they rappel over them. Entering a prone stance, moving slightly forward, and then resuming your standing position corrects this.

[Bug/Glitch] Stuck At Spawn[Workaround]

  • Defenders will sometimes be stuck in place when they spawn. Entering a prone stance, moving slightly forward, and then resuming your standing position corrects this.

[Bug/Glitch] Falling Through Floor in DBNO State [Reported]

  • Players report that after being revived from a DBNO state that they fall out of bounds or clip through textures. We are investigating.

[Bug/Glitch] Controller UI Remains on Screen After Disconnecting Controller[Reported]

  • We are investigating. If you have more information, please submit a ticket to our customer support team here.

[Bug/Glitch] Limbs Appear Through Solid Objects [Reported]

  • We are investigating.

[Bug/Glitch] Breach charge left on breakable surface after it is destroyed[Reported]

  • We are investigating.

[Bug/Glitch] Camera Not Rendering Floors/Walls [Reported]

  • We are investigating a bug where some walls/floors do not appear when using a support camera.

[Bug/Glitch] Infinite Loading on Map Screen [Workaround]

  • Some users have complained that they are not loading the Kanal map in Casual and Ranked. They stated that in Terrorist Hunt it works fine, but when they create a lobby and try to enter all of them remain stuck on loading until the host leaves. One user states they managed to find a workaround. that it was the router configuration interfering, and that he had to change the encapsulation method and Multiplexing as required by his ISP.

[Bug/Glitch] Twitch does no damage after being revived [Reported]

  • We are aware of how this occurs and are investigating. It would appear that, in some rare instances, when Twitch is brought back from a DBNO state, she is unable to inflict any damage on the environment or enemy players.

[Bug/Glitch] Operators remain stuck in debris after destroying wall/floor[Reported]

  • In rare instances, a user can remain stuck in the debris caused by a breach. This most commonly occurs when using Sledge. We are looking into it.

[Bug/Glitch] Joystick Stuttering [Reported]

  • We have seen cases where some users experience a slight stutter while moving their right joystick. We are investigating.


[General] No Access / Underage [Resolved]

  • Players below the age of 18 will not be permitted to access the game.

[Gameplay] Cannot Mute Teammates [Resolved]

  • Open the scoreboard and navigate to the player you wish to mute. At that point, select their name and then click on mute. IF this does not work, please contact us at www.support.ubi.com as we will need to collect more information. Thanks!

[Gameplay] Unable To Access Uplay Overlay While Using Overlay Software[Resolved]

  • Issue is now resolved. If you are still experiencing difficulty, please update your Uplay client to the most recent version.

[Gameplay] Lighting Issues in Casual Match [Reported]

  • We are investigating.

[General] Missing XX Skin from Gold Edition [Resolved]

  • All Season Pass owners, purchased separately or as part of the Gold Edition, receive the Exclusive Porter Skin and the full Safari Bundle, which release on January 12th, 2016.

[Launch] Stuck at Creating Squad [Reported]

  • We are investigating.

[Gameplay] Killcam Inaccuracies [Reported]

  • We have identified what causes these issues and are currently investigating potential solutions.

[General] Hit Detection/Registration [Reported]

  • We have identified that hit detection is not performing as expected.

[General] Microphone level in-game taking over Windows microphone level [Reported]

  • We are investigating.

[General] Lettering on Russian Police Vehicle is Incorrect [Reported]

  • We are investigating.

[Gameplay] Ammo Count Displayed Below Shield [Reported]

  • When spectating a shield Operator, sometimes the bullet count of the previously spectated player will appear beneath the shield on the current Operator.

[General] Wrong Hotkeys Presented on UI [Reported]

  • Users will notice that in drone or camera view, hotkey changes are not maintained on the HUD although he changed the strafe left and strafe right controls from „A“ and „D“ to „F“ and „J“ keys through Customize Controls. We are investigating.

[Gameplay] Kapkan’s EDD / Vertical Damage [Reported]

  • Kapkan’s EDD does maximum damage through the floor and ceiling. We are investigating.

[Gameplay] Defenders Exiting AO During Prep Phase [Reported]

  • We are aware of how this occurs and are investigating.


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